ADB Shower Sealing Solutions offers to rejuvenate and enhance leaky, dirty, and old bathrooms easily.

Doing a bathroom remodel can be a headache but with the help of a professional like ADB Shower Sealing Solutions, undertaking such project can be a breeze. They will help rejuvenate any bathroom and restore it to its former glory.

When it comes to renovations, there is no better and more trusted contractor than ADB Shower Sealing Solutions. They are a QBCC licensed company that offers first grade service using high quality products. The company is fully insured and in this time of health crisis amid a pandemic, ADB is also COVID safe. They are more than just a construction company geared towards bathroom remodel. In fact, a popular statement they keep repeating is “Why renovate when you can rejuvenate?” Bathroom renovations can be a huge hassle, not to mention time- and resource-consuming. ADB Shower Sealing Solutions hope to offer a better alternative by enhancing what is already there, this cuts cost and money.

It is said that an average Australian spends about seven minutes in the bathroom per day, using about 64 liters of water when they use a high-flow showerhead or 45-liters for a low-flow one. Over time, water exposure will start to corrode on the pipes and tiles of the bathroom. The grout will also be affected especially when harsh chemicals are used during cleaning. And then there is the added impact of soap, oils, and other pollutants that make their way into the bathroom. And although these pose little risk to humans, in time they can cause a myriad of problems in the bathroom itself. Tiles could change color, pipes could crack or clog, and deposits could pile up and ruin the beauty and prestige of the bathroom. But with the help of ADB Sealing Solutions, it’s possible to return any old bathroom to its former glory.

Besides bringing back the beauty into bathrooms, ADB Shower Sealing Solutions also provide repairs services for common bathroom problems. They can, for example, fix shower leaks and detect leaks early. Signs that a leak might be developing could include moisture or a musky smell from carpets, bubbling paint, or cracks or discoloration in the grout. It’s best to contact an experienced professional when such things occur to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. The great thing about ADB Shower Sealing Solutions is they use state-of-the-art, non-invasive leak detection technology in detecting possible water leaks in a home’s wet areas before it goes out of control.

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Company Name: ADB Shower Sealing Solutions
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Phone: 0428 714 680
City: Brisbane
State: Queensland
Country: Australia

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