Ambitious Bathroom Remodel By Orange County Interior Designer Samia Verbist Inspires Creativity

Ambitious Bathroom Remodel By Orange County Interior Designer Samia Verbist Inspires Creativity

Noted Orange County interior designer Samia Verbist recently explained the step-by-step process of remodeling two bathrooms in a luxury home, transforming it

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 / — Famed Huntington Beach interior designer, Samia Verbist, is offering readers the chance to experience one of her most ambitious room remodels.

While working on a luxury home remodel, the French interior designer noticed that two rooms in a house just weren’t working for the overall project. In her latest piece, titled ‘A Tale Of Two Bathrooms,’ Samia Verbist explains that, once the design pieces fell together seamlessly, the entire puzzle of solving this domestic design problem became clear.

“One key space that really did not work was the overly large bathroom that included access to the indoor pool,” Verbist explains.

“In theory, this sounds like a great idea – a pool bathroom offers plenty of convenience. The problem? This bathroom also served as the guest bathroom…Homeowners had to share the bathroom with people going to the pool!”

She explains that this arrangement wasn’t working and was certainly hampering the homeowners’ ability to entertain guests and have a normal-functioning home.

“In addition to this lack of privacy, the bathroom took up a lot of space. It had a huge tub and a sauna. It was certainly too big for its purpose.”

Hardly one to leave an inharmonious interior space to sit as is, Verbist went about planning the perfect home remodel: turning the space into two distinct bathrooms that balanced functionality and style.

Finding Solutions With Interior Designer Samia Verbist

Offering in-depth interior design and remodeling services to these homeowners was just one of Samia Verbist’s unique tools to transform spaces. Although she technically knows how to make rooms look better (she took drawing classes at French Beaux-Arts and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture), she has a sixth sense for what gels together in a room.

“The homeowners were thrilled at the idea of creating two bathrooms out of one,” Verbist recounts fondly. “Because plumbing was already in place, this was a relatively simple structural change that offered considerable benefits.

But aside from the style differences and inconvenience of sharing space with multiple people, the new bathroom remodel by Samia Verbist was also pragmatic regarding cleanliness, privacy, and flow.

“Having a bathroom accessible from an indoor or outdoor pool gives swimmers a chance to shower before or after taking a dip. A pool bathroom also provides a private location for changing. Best of all, it can keep wet feet from trekking across your flooring, limiting moisture in your home.”

By adding an open walk-in shower, bench, and sink, this dysfunctional space quickly morphed into something that both homeowners and interior designers could appreciate fully.

“Despite its small size, this space offers aesthetic upgrades. I chose a copper wall-mounted faucet, a copper mirror, and a porcelain countertop with a rusty vein. (It’s the same amazing porcelain we used in the kitchen – take a look.).”

Weaving a common theme throughout a home remodel is nothing new for the Normandy, France native. She took these echoes of past rooms and leaned into the theme to create a cohesive piece that made this luxury home stand out. Balancing style, as well as functionality, was the cornerstone of this ambitious project.

And with this project, one bathroom was just the beginning.

“After carving out square footage from the original bathroom, more than enough remained to design a welcoming, appealing guest bathroom. This delightful space displays a modern style while offering a nod to its French countryside location.

She further explains and exhibits how the style of tile adds a unique visual effect to the entire space. “The wall tile adds dimension to the room, too, as it reflects the light. Against this blue backdrop, the oval bathtub features simple, pure lines and a decidedly modern look. It is paired with a chrome tub filler that coordinates with the chrome faucet on the sink.”

She also leaned into her European heritage, adopting many references and mainstays of her home country of France.

Overall, the bathroom remodel project was easily one of Samia Verbist’s most creative, blending the need for a functional space as well as drawing eyes to its vivid, unique style.

“Now guests who visit this home have a welcoming bathroom. They can enjoy privacy, store their belongings in a spacious vanity, and feel comfortable. Meanwhile, everyone can enjoy the pool without bringing moisture into the home. All it took was a bit of creative thinking about how to best reconfigure a big bathroom that lacked function.”

More About Samia Verbist

Born in Normandy, France, Samia Verbist was destined to become an interior designer. Although different occupations and jobs helped her along the way, they ultimately acted as jobs of necessity. In the end, she knew that her talents were inextricably linked to the arts.

What could one expect from growing up in a home environment that appreciated the arts and fostered and cultivated a creative space for any and all to admire?

With a father who reveled in painting, photography, and music and a mother who appreciated history by frequenting museums and archeological sites, it only makes sense that Verbist grew to value artistic expression.

From drawing classes to earning her degree and eventually moving to California and starting her career outright, Verbist has made an indelible mark on not only Orange County luxury homes but the field of interior design at large.

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