Bathroom Remodel Median Spent Increased 13% YOY

Palo Alto, CA, September 6, 2022-The national median spend for primary bathroom projects increased nearly 13% to $9,000, while higher budget projects (with the top 10% of project spend) saw a 17% jump to $35,000 or more among homeowners, according to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. 

Those doing “major” bathroom renovations, which include shower upgrades, spent three times more on their renovations than those undergoing minor renovations ($15,000 versus $5,000, respectively). Major remodels to bathrooms of 100 square feet or more cost double that of smaller bathrooms measuring less than 100 square feet ($20,000 and $10,000, respectively). More than one in five homeowners increase the size of their bathroom during renovations (21%) and three in five bathrooms are 100 square feet or more following renovations (60%). 

Increased costs are often tied to projects with major changes such as upgrades to home systems (62%) which remain the most frequent enhancement in the bathroom, up three percentage points from last year. Top home system projects include ventilation upgrades (59%) and heating installations such as radiant heating and tankless water heaters (14% and 9%, respectively). More than four in five homeowners hired industry professionals for their renovations (85%), with general contractors being the most popular (48%). On the design side, one in seven homeowners hired bathroom designers (13%). 

Additional trends from the study include:

– Transitional Style Leaps Forward: Considering that outdated style is the top trigger for bathroom renovations (48%), it is not surprising that nearly nine in ten homeowners choose to change their bathroom’s style (87%). Transitional style has taken a more substantial lead (25%), followed by modern and contemporary (16%, each).

– Seeing Green: Homeowners are increasingly adding greenery while renovating their bathrooms (35%), up three percentage points from last year. The overwhelming majority say it adds to the aesthetics of the room, while a smaller majority believe it creates a calming environment (88% and 64%, respectively). Practical benefits are also noted among renovating homeowners, including air purification, odor-fighting ability and antibacterial attributes (34, 7% and 7%, respectively).

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