City of Auburn building permits: March 6, 2022 | Records

The Auburn building inspector has issued the following permits from Jan. 24-Feb. 25:

• Craig S. Woodward, install patio door for owner Jason W. Gavras at 4 Bowen St., $3,000.

• Jason W. Gavras, remodel bathroom at 4 Bowen St., $1,500.

• Auburn Community Hospital, complete renovation of second and third floor of east wing at 17 Lansing St., $4,150,000.

• Mike Austin, tear off and replace roof for owners Christopher and Michelle Cappelli at 140 N. Fulton St., $9,500.

• Richard Snyder, install two sliding doors for owner Frank Sigona at 87 Throop Ave., $1,500.

• Sergio Bellavia, tear off and replace roof for owner Stephen Corona at 27 Barber St., $17,000.

• Linda Myers, install ramp at 135-137 Park Place, $4,000.

• Deborah E. Carter, repair porch at 173 Perrine Ave., $4,000.

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• Nancie K. Arquette, remodel mud room at 117 Lake Ave., $500.

• Kevin J. Krystofik, replace steps at 126 South St., $500.

• Thomas and Maribeth LeFevre, install shed at 4 Camp St., $2,278.

• David J. Westmiller, remodel house at 69 N. Division St., $20,000.

• Christina L. Davis, install window at 1 Gaylord St., $500.

• Mike Ferro, drywall two rooms for owner Daniel A. Lovell at 1 Tuxill Square, $2,000.00

• Grillo Companies Inc., install one window and one entry door at 9 E. Genesee St., $500.

• Allen J. Tratt, install wood stove at 39-41 N. Fulton St., $1,505.

• KMFB Properties LLC, remodel house at 45 Logan St., $8,000.

• Brendan Grillo, remodel house at 69 Lake Ave., $14,145.

• Dale Massi, install seven windows for owner David Quimby Sr. at 5 Paul St., $5,700.

• Byron Lopez, demolish old storefront for owner RS17 LLC at 131 Osborne St., $1,000.

• Thomas Short, tear off and replace part of roof for owner Cayuga Centers at 101 Hamilton Ave., $24,000.

• Austin Shuster, install ramp for owner Leeann Johnson and Brianna Riox at 51-53 N. Fulton St., $8,700.

• Craig Woodward, install exterior door for owner Jacquelyn Grillo at 32 Evans St., $2,000.

• PMV Vitale Realty LLC, build new home at 1 Karpinski Drive, $335,000.

• Suzanne Converse-Clink, remodel kitchen at 114 N. Fulton St., $2,000.

• John Nedza, install four windows and replace steps at 127-129 Van Anden St., $1,100.

• Matthew J. Nord, tear off and replace back slope of roof at 68 Ross St., $5,019.

Michael S Rogalski, tear off and replace roof at 155 Perrine St., $20,800.

Anthony Nedza, replace door at 125 Van Anden St., $300.

Chrisopher D. Schafer, remove window, install siding and repair front porch at 116 S. Seward Ave., $2,500.

George L. Bliss, replace front door at 21 Washington St., $400.

Charles and Rose Llewellyn, install window and sliding glass door at 24 St. Anthony St., $6,775.

Stacey L. Coleman, install three windows at 8 Briggs Drive, $3,757.

Darrell and Diane Fronczek, install 15 windows at 35 S. Hurd Circle, $13,380.

Daniel L. Baker, install five windows at 84 Perrine St., $5,300.

Geoffrey E. Ford, install six windows at 178 State St., $7,890.

Susan L. Holbert, install three windows at 27 Crescent Ave., $2,834.

Joel Wheeler, commercial remodel of Mesa Grande space for owner Genesee Mall LLC at 100 Genesee St.

Craig S. Woodward, install three doors for owner Victoria Von Randall at 46 Maple St., $2,000.

Philomena Nardella, remodel garage at 4 Harnden St., $1,000.

Mast Lumber, install metal roof for owner Thomas R. Ratkowski at 27 Logan St., $10,000.

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