Inflatable Leather Furniture – Core77

Inflatable Leather Furniture – Core77

The last time we saw inflatable furniture, it was by French manufacturer Mojow:

The inflatable parts of Mojow’s pieces are made of TPU with a UV-resistant coating. But Eindhoven-based designer Satomi Minoshima has an alternate idea for a more durable material for inflatable furniture: Leather.

“The advantage of inflatable products is that they are light and portable. We usually tend to buy inflatable furniture products for temporary use and is often seen as a quick fix for less ordinary situations. However, they usually don’t stay in space for a long time as interior pieces.”

“To extend the boundaries of inflatable products, Satomi Minoshima designed an inflatable furniture series which can be used longer in interior space. The chairs are all covered with real leather. Leather is a natural material, rich with texture and has a long lifespan. The more it is used and aged, the more the value increases. This makes the value of the inflatable furniture rise with time.”

I’m curious to see how Minoshima handled the valve, but there are no detail photos available.

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