Jasmine Roth Reveals the One Thing We Should Do Before Renovating

HGTV star Jasmine Roth has been busy these days, in some surprising places.

Many have seen Roth help homeowners fix their DIY disasters on her show “Help! I Wrecked My House,” which was recently renewed for a third season. In the meantime, she headed to Buffalo, WY, along with Ty Pennington, to pitch in on Ben and Erin Napier‘s new show, “Home Town Kickstart,” which aims to revitalize small towns across America.

And while Roth currently lives in Los Angeles, it just so happens that she grew up in a small town, too. Here’s what Roth loves about these close-knit communities, plus what we can look forward to in the next season of “Help! I Wrecked My House.”

What was your most memorable part of working on ‘Home Town Kickstart’?

Working with Ty Pennington! I’m here to tell you that every moment is a memorable moment, and he is one of the most outgoing, fun-loving, and just genuine people you’ve ever been around. We worked really hard, but we also had a really great time.

I grew up in a small town in Virginia, and so it almost felt like going home. It was so fun to be able to spend an extended period of time in a small town and remember how small towns really do a great job of keeping what’s important kind of at the forefront.

They are about community and giving back to each other and knowing your neighbor, knowing what’s kind of going on with everybody, but in a nice way.

You know, it’s very nice to be a part of something that you feel so connected to, and so I think Buffalo was a really great example of a town that has their priorities straight. So it was actually really refreshing to spend time there and talk to the folks there, and then it helped me kind of clear my head and come back to California with this really great, new perspective.

Ty Pennington and Jasmine Roth
On HGTV’s “Home Town Kickstart,” guest hosts Ty Pennington and Jasmine Roth renovate a movie theater.


In that episode you renovated a movie theater. What challenges did that present?

This may come as a surprise, but neither Ty nor myself had ever renovated a movie theater before. But it was so much fun!

The first thing that we did was figure out, like, what we could save. There were some really cool architectural features like the copper and wood on the ceiling.

I think that was something that we do in our own homes and that I tried to do with my clients and that everyone should do.

If you are going to do some sort of a renovation, start out looking for what you can save and what really makes the space have that character that you really can’t get when you just do new construction.

So once we identified the things we wanted to keep, then we went in and ripped everything else out and started putting it all back together.

painted house
Leishaan Crane’s house after the renovation


You also renovated the home of a military veteran. Did you add any upgrades in this house that you think may catch on?

The homeowner, Leishaan Crane, was one of the most service-oriented people I’ve ever met in my life. And when she started telling me about what she had sacrificed for our country and for her community, there was not a dry eye. So I wanted to make sure that her home felt special.

I went to the local pottery studio, and we were able to make handcrafted tile, which I have never done before. Like, I actually painted tiles for Leishaan’s backsplash, which was an amazing experience.

Did you bring back any mementos from Buffalo for your own home?

While I was there, I bought some new, really nice, locally made ramen bowls, stamped that they’re from Wyoming and from a local artist there. They’re like oversized bowls that I’ve been searching for that my husband and I don’t have already, and we love having big bowls of hot, steaming noodles.

modern kitchen
Leishaan’s backsplash was painted by Jasmine Roth.


Does ‘Home Town Kickstart’ have any lessons for homeowners who want to renovate on a tight budget?

One of our projects is literally just paint. We painted this beautiful mural. Mind you, it took a lot of creativity and there was a wonderful local artist that we worked with. But at the end of the day, it was a big blank wall and some paint, and it made such a difference. So I think my advice would be: Don’t underestimate the power of paint. That’s a really great, inexpensive way to make a big difference in your home.

The second thing would be just to personalize, because what we were able to do with the theater project and with our home renovation project was make sure that these projects weren’t just renovations. They were personalization. Whether it’s a home theater, a house, whatever it might be, when your space feels like it’s an extension of your personality, of what you’re about, that’s when it feels good.

Jasmine Roth
Pennington and Roth reveal the new mural in Buffalo, WY.


‘Help! I Wrecked My House’ is coming back. What can we look forward to in the third season?

We just started filming, and I will say, we’re doing 10 houses this year and they are bigger than ever! We’re able to take on bigger projects, and these folks are really, truly, so in over their heads. I think these stories are going to blow people’s minds of how far some of these folks got before they realized it was time to call the professionals. It has been eye-opening.

And then I think the other thing is that we might see a little bit more of my daughter, Hazel, on the show only because she’s a little bit older now. She turns 2 tomorrow. It will be fun to have her around a little bit more, when it’s safe. I want her to be able to see what Mom does.

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