SAN FRANCISCO – The operators of a San Francisco-based construction company, along with the firm’s office manager, are facing multiple felony charges for allegedly engaging in insurance and tax fraud. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’ office announced that charges have been filed against Gemma Maher, the office administrator of Cullinane Plastering. […]

The Maryland Office of the Attorney General has accused Frederick County furniture sellers of misleading customers with false promises and changing their company’s name to evade refunds. But one of the owners said the allegations are misconstrued. “This is nothing more than a failed business,” Christopher Engel said. The Consumer Protection Division […]

Customers who waited months, some more than a year, to get their items from a bankrupt furniture restoration company, finally have some hope. Cream City Restoration had a Third Ward storefront that’s now empty. The landlord of their extra warehouse said the owners owe him $40,000 and is evicting them […]