“Looking back, I thought we were in a revolution,” says Rick Kaufmann, the co-founder, with Tracy Rust, of Art et Industrie, a Soho gallery that opened in 1977 with the idea of combining art and design — a conceit that was practically blasphemy 45 years ago. “Art had more freedom […]

Most contemporary art galleries have little in common with our homes. The artworks on display might deal with quotidian subjects, but exhibitions tend not to look like domestic settings. Their white walls, harsh overhead lights, and quiet atmosphere all point toward their apparent purpose: to encourage the viewer to give […]

Djivan Schapira There’s something nostalgic about Djivan Schapira’s lacquered pieces—a coral-hued 12-person resin dining table that looks more like a vintage surfboard balancing on thick cylindrical legs than it does a piece of furniture, a sultry table lamp comprised of a glossy burlwood disk boasting a fiery red in-lay that […]