The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture in 2022

“Patios and backyards are often underutilized spaces,” says Terry Lin, cofounder and chief design editor of Outer, an outdoor lifestyle brand. “The right furnishings can transform any outdoor space into a sanctuary that begs to be used and adds to your home’s livable square footage.” 

And if you don’t know where to start, Lin suggests beginning with the basics. “Start with seating,” he says. Is your space large enough for a sofa or l-shaped sectional? Or only big enough to fit a small bistro dining set? Envision how you’ll use the space: Do you want to soak up rays of sunshine with your latest book-club read in hand or host friends and family for happy hours and dinner parties en plein air? Lin’s advice is to think of your porch, backyard, or patio as an outdoor living room.

To help get you started, we rounded up the best places to buy patio furniture, from overall design-worthy brands to specific types of chairs, whether you’re in search of a dash of color from powder-coated aluminum or prefer the natural look of wood and wicker. 

Our Favorites

Best for Bistro Sets: Fermob 

Material: Galvanized steel  | Free shipping: Yes | Starting price: $120

What we like:

  • Foldable 
  • Made in France and distributed from Atlanta  
  • 24 fun colors enhanced with a UV-resistant coating   

Worth noting:

  • Tarp covers can make this material rust faster  

Why we chose it: French furniture for ultimate backyard bistro vibes. 

We would be shocked if you haven’t seen this classic (and, we’d add, iconic) style. Bistro sets are a staple of charming outdoor cafés across the world, and you can enjoy their chic European look and surprisingly comfortable feel from the comfort of your own patio. The cheerful color options allow you an almost customizable shopping experience. This set is particularly great for small-space entertainers and those with a tiny outdoor area with room enough for two. Leave it out as you need or simply fold it up and put it away. You can choose between traditional styles, modern updates, and curvy or angular lines. 

Best for Lawn Chairs: Lawn Chair USA 

Blue Webbing Lawn Chair USA Vintage

Green Webbing Picnic Chair

Material: Aluminum  | Free shipping: Yes (plus free returns through Amazon) | Starting price: $67

What we like:

  • Stackable
  • Lightweight (just 6 pounds) 
  • Rustproof frame, UV-resistant webbing 
  • Multiple seat heights available

Worth noting:

  • Webbing may need to be replaced down the road  

Why we chose it: One product done right (great for picnics and parties on the go). 

If your patio setup skews informal (or perhaps your outdoor space is your local park), all you need is an American classic: the lawn chair. Domino is a fan of this family-owned company that specializes in this vintage-inspired style that reminds us of summer days in our grandparents’ garage. A classic of camping trips, tailgates, and backyard barbecues, this is a chair designed to be carried; you can easily tow it around in the crook of your arm or sling it across your back. Our design tip: For more unique webbing, check out exclusive options, such as those sold at REI and the MoMA Design Store. 

Best for Natural Styles: Serena & Lily

Material: All-weather resin wicker, rope, aluminum  | Free shipping: No | Starting price: $298

What we like:

  • Weather-friendly natural fiber alternative
  • 30-day return period 
  • Most furniture comes with complimentary covers  

Why we chose it: From side tables to poolside chaises, you can’t go wrong with water-resistant and wickerlike woven frames. 

Serena & Lily is our go-to for a textural statement. The signature rattan, neutral nautical colors, and tasseled edges are all you need to embody the look and feel of a beachside resort. While not all of these frames are organic wicker (that would mean they’re indoor only), the brand’s weather-resistant alternative can provide your patio with the look and feel of natural fibers without the risk of ripping, unraveling, and fading. Plus most of the comfier furniture pieces with cushions are wrapped up in Sunbrella performance fabrics. 

Best for Dining Tables: Pottery Barn 

Materials: Wood, concrete, metal  | Free shipping: No | Starting price: $279

What we like:

  • Range of materials and sizes 
  • Adjustable 

Worth noting:

  • Flat-rate delivery fee  

Why we chose it: Whether you want a concrete pedestal or teak bistro table—or both.  

If your outdoor patio is all about dining, you’ll find something to suit any style at Pottery Barn. Whether you want tall or short, wood or metal, it’s here—even if you’re looking for a round bistro to sit two, a side table for snack-time spillover, or an extra-long extending dining table for six-plus (particularly helpful for unexpected guests). The best-selling Malibu collection in particular caught our eye; it’s modern and suitable for any open area. For something more minimal or sculptural, look to the Pomona line, which is made entirely of painted concrete, which makes post-party cleanup an absolute breeze. 

Best for Dining Chairs: Goodee 

Material: PET, galvanized steel, ecothylene | Free shipping: Yes | Starting price: $330

What we like:

  • Recycled and natural materials 
  • Ethical sourcing and creation 
  • Helps preserve a craft   

Worth noting:

  • Long production lead times  

Why we chose it: Statement seating to transform your patio into a dining destination. 

Goodee offers unique dining chairs in fun styles, colors, and materials, all by brands and independent makers that fully disclose the products’ social and environmental impacts. It’s a one-stop shop for design-forward seating sourced from all over the world (the two chairs we’re eyeing in particular are from Italy and Colombia). No matter which you choose, you can order knowing that every dining chair is eco-friendly, handmade by artisans, and strikingly unique. Some, like the Charlie Chair by EcoBirdy, have even won awards. 

Best for Sofas: Outer 

Material: Aluminum, teak, wicker  | Free shipping: Yes | Starting price: $745

What we like:

  • Designed to last decades 
  • Proceeds benefit 1 % for the Planet 
  • 100 percent recyclable 

Worth noting:

  • An investment  
  • Might take a while to ship 

Why we chose it: An ultralight frame in an extra-large size (it seats up to seven with a U-shaped sectional). 

Sofas and love seats can weigh a ton, and if you’re worried about moving your patio furniture around at the season’s close, the aluminum frame of Outer’s love seat is incredibly light. (There are also durable covers available if you’d rather leave it be year-round.) Stylish enough for your living room but hearty enough to take on the great outdoors, it’s a favorite of Odette Annable and other celebrities. The powder coating contains reflective pigments, so it won’t be hot to the touch on a sunny summer day. The comfortable cushions are upholstered in a performance fabric that is easy to clean and stain- and mold-resistant, available in three colors: Pacific fog gray, navy, and dark pebble. When this love seat first launched last year, it sold out in 48 hours, so act fast. 

Best for Loungers: CB2  

Material: Varies  | Free shipping: Yes | Starting price: $300

What we like:

  • Variety of materials and styles 
  • Many items in stock and ready to ship 
  • Performance fabrics 

Worth noting:

  • A lot of options to choose from

Why we chose it: For when you want to fully stretch out and soak up every inch of sunshine. 

Whether you want cushioned or not, wheels or no wheels, wood or metal, CB2 has a surprisingly stocked supply of lounge chairs and chaises. This is the kind of seat you lean toward if it’s all about kicking back and relaxing, sunbathing, napping, and reading—maybe even for taking WFH calls. Sure, you may think white is a bold move for outdoor patio furniture, but you can clean these materials with a bristle brush, water, and detergent. 

Best for Modern Finds: Design Within Reach

Material: Varies  | Free shipping: No | Starting price: $95

What we like:

  • Iconic modern designs 
  • Some items arrive fully assembled 
  • 30-day return period 

What we like:

  • Iconic modern designs 
  • Some items arrive fully assembled 
  • 30-day return period 

Why we chose it: Modular, funky, and game-changing icons. 

For outdoor furniture that doesn’t look like a few slats of wood or regular old metal, Design Within Reach offers a curation of cool, modern brands. Whether you’re looking for a bench or a lounger, this is where to shop if you want your patio furniture to be particularly unique. We recommend the Pacha lounger chair, a swiveling, bubbly design that has been around since the 1970s. Its curvy, comfy shape features a water-repellent inner layer covered in an outdoor-compatible fabric. And a bonus? DWR has everything you need to complete your patio setup, including mats, lights, and umbrellas. 

We Also Like

The best place to buy furniture is really up to you and your personal tastes. Domino editors love to shop for outdoor decor at these retailers, too: 

Complete the Look

Once you have your chairs and tables, we recommend elevating your outdoor setup with a few accessories, like a soft light source, a cozy outdoor rug, an umbrella for a bit of shade, and a few throw pillows for some patterned pizzazz. 

How We Chose These Products

We tapped our style director, Naomi deMañana, for her favorite brands and took into consideration a variety of criteria, including cool design, durable materials, and a range of prices. Then we looked at each retailer’s offerings and identified their area of expertise—whether an item or a particular style—before finalizing our list. 


Outdoor patio furniture sets are designed to withstand the elements, which is why most pieces are made with materials that are resistant to fading and wear or feature a special coating that boosts their durability against rain, wind, and sun. Hence, one of the most popular options for outdoor furniture is metal. Each type of metal has its own set of pros and cons, notes Lin: Wrought iron is durable and sleek, but it’s heavy and more prone to rusting; galvanized steel weighs less, but it can easily heat up or freeze; aluminum is even lighter, rust-resistant, and 100 percent recyclable. 

If you prefer a more natural aesthetic, look at all-weather wicker or wood. The former, explains Lin, is usually reinforced with a synthetic resin, which prevents it from deteriorating from moisture. The same goes for wood: You’ll want to choose a species that isn’t as susceptible to humidity swings. Lin’s favorites are ipe and teak: Ipe is popular for outdoor decking, as its high density makes it resistant to denting, warping, and even fire. “Teak has the highest decay resistance of any natural wood, making it the go-to choice for building yachts, home exteriors, and, of course, outdoor furniture,” says Lin, adding that it naturally repels insects. If it starts to look a little worse for wear, all you probably need to do is buff it out with natural oils. 


Our favorite part about shopping online for patio furniture is that you don’t have to worry about having a car (or a friend with a car) big enough to fit every item. All of the places listed here will ship your packages straight to your front door (though possibly for an added fee). And note that returns might be a bit of a hassle, too, especially if you’re ordering extra-large pieces. (Oversize furniture sometimes warrants a delivery and/or return fee due to weight and bulk). If you’re not totally sold on a piece online, you may want to scope it out in person before you order. 


A covered patio area is one great way to protect outdoor furnishings, but when you’re not enjoying your furniture or a storm is coming through, our advice is to cover everything up to protect it from dirt, debris, and even morning dew. Lin recommends looking for waterproof covers that come equipped with zippers. “Built-in wind straps and buckles are also helpful features for high winds,” adds Lin. “Covers act as an added layer of defense and enable you to keep your furniture protected year-round.” If possible, though, it doesn’t hurt to bring your furniture inside to a garage or other dry spot during the winter months. 

Ask Domino

Q: Will the weather destroy my patio furniture? 

Even if your lounge chair or outdoor table is labeled as safe for indoor and outdoor spaces, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Weather slowly wears away at pretty much everything. Direct sunlight, for instance, can fade even the strongest fibers, like jute. But do keep in mind that even when your furniture is starting to look less than brand-new, that doesn’t mean you have to put it at the curb. 

Q: My patio furniture is starting to look dull and worn. Can I restore it? 

Yes! Depending on a number of factors, it’s easy to remedy a loose stitch or rough wood surfaces. If rusting metal is your issue, grab a can of spray paint. If your cushion is stained or ripping, you can reupholster it. If your teak frame is discolored, it might honestly just be dirty. In fact, Lin points out that your teak furniture will likely need a little TLC at the end of each season. All you need is a bucket of warm water with a few drops of detergent (or bleach, if there’s a particularly stubborn stain), then give your teak furniture a scrub, starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom, he says. “Use a gentle setting on your hose (no pressure washing!) to rinse your furniture. Towel off any excess water and let your furniture air-dry,” he adds. “If you notice any rough areas after drying, use 220-grit sandpaper to smooth it out by sanding in the direction of the grain rather than against it (this helps to avoid scratching the surface of the teak). You’re all done! No oiling required.” 

Q: How long does it take to deliver patio furniture? 

Unfortunately, it all depends on the company from which you decide to purchase your patio furniture. Most companies provide shipping estimates, though keep in mind that supply chain issues at the moment are no joke. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to put your order in early to ensure you can kick back and relax on your brand-new set before summer’s end. 

The Last Word

Think of your patio as an extension of your living space. Creating a cozy outdoor oasis includes some of the very same pieces of furniture you’ll find indoors. Depending on whether you have a large or small area to work with, you’ll likely need a coffee or bistro table and a couple of chairs or a love seat, maybe even a large lounger or sofa. But no matter what you’re looking for, our list of the best places to buy patio furniture has everything you need to completely outfit the outdoors. 

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