4 Easy Steps To Keep Your Carpets Looking Good

4 Easy Steps To Keep Your Carpets Looking Good

Having carpets in your home can boost its aesthetic value, provide comfort and make the whole space feel more inviting and homely.

However, if you are in love with carpets, then proper maintenance is simply obligatory.

Here are four easy steps to keep your carpets looking good all the time.


The best method to keep your carpets clean is if you vacuum them on a regular basis. That entails at least once or twice a week, so the accumulation of dirt and dust is prevented.

Next, you want to use a vacuum cleaner with good suction power, so you can thoroughly clean the carpet. Use the highest setting possible to catch as much dirt and dust as possible.

You must vacuum slowly and go over high-traffic areas at least several times to clean as thoroughly as possible. If you have space-saving furniture, don’t forget to vacuum underneath them as well.

If you have pets, one thing that can help to remove their hair is to change the vacuum bag often and use alternating directions at least several times so you can loosen any embedded fur.

Of course, you can also try to make use of a few strategically placed rugs, especially in high-traffic areas, which will greatly reduce the amount of dirt your carpet accumulates. And, if they are small enough, it’s even possible to wash them in the washing machine, meaning you will have a much easier time keeping everything clean.

Last but not least, one thing that can help keep your carpets looking good for a long time is if you say no to shoes inside your home. That includes family and guests too.

See, shoes bring in all kinds of dirt, bacteria, and even faeces from the outside, and they can even set it deeper into your carpets, which makes them dirtier and harder to clean. So, one of the best ways to prevent that and spend less effort and time on cleaning is to just say no to shoes.

Remember, even if you have bought luxury carpets to boost your home appeal, it won’t mean much if you don’t maintain them well.


To ensure your carpet wears out equally, rotate it at least once a year. That way, the wear from traffic and sun fading will be evenly distributed throughout your carpet and not concentrated in one specific area.

If you’ve recently moved in into the property, of course, you should first clean the carpets thoroughly before you even think of rotating them.

Spot Clean

If your carpet gets spotted, you should clean the spots as soon as possible. Depending on the type of spot, you could follow some of the tips below:

  • Water: You can blot out with paper towels or a clean white cloth. Put the cloth on the underside and place the towel on the upper side. That way, you will manage to get the most water out. Another option is to dry it out with a fan or a hair dryer set on cold or warm. Just don’t set it on hot!
  • Food/drinks: Use a spoon to remove the bigger particles or the drink drops, and use a paper towel or a clean cloth to remove the rest. Rinse the stain with cold water by using a sponge or cloth. Afterwards, blot dry and sponge with a carpet shampoo or a homemade cleaning solution. Only use a stiff brush if your carpet is smooth because it can pull the fibres. Sponge the area with cool water to finish and let it dry completely.
  • Pet stains – urine, poop and throw-up: Pet stains are really hard to deal with. The smell is awful and very hard to be removed. Besides, urine can cause the dyes to run and damage the rug’s structure. Won’t even mention that it attracts moths. You can buy a special cleaning detergent to help you clean the stains. You can treat the poop and throw-up by scraping up all the foreign material and washing it with carpet shampoo or another specialised detergent, especially for this type of problem. Just check in your local pet supply store. Remember to test products on a small area before applying them all over your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you have had your carpet for a long time, it’s time for a thorough carpet cleaning. Usually, it’s best to deep clean it once a year or, if right before moving out, as part of the end of tenancy cleaning, so you can please the landlord and have your security deposit returned to you in full.

In case you don’t know if it’s dirty, even if you have just vacuumed it, run your carpet with a finger mightily in a short arc for 10 seconds. If your finger is dirty, your carpet needs a deep cleaning.

Usually, it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners to perform that task for several reasons.

First and foremost, licensed experts offer safety and expediency and guarantee their work. They have tons of experience, plus they bring professional equipment and detergent which can’t be found anywhere else on the commercial market.

Not only that, but they use turbo-drying tools, which saves time as opposed to if you did the job yourself, which can often leave a room out of action for up to an entire day.

In the end, you will not only save time by relying on professional cleaners, but you will also save quite a bit of money from renting cleaning equipment or buying cleaning supplies.


To sum up, keeping carpets clean and looking good is a matter of good maintenance and implementing the proper cleaning techniques.

By incorporating the 4 easy steps mentioned above into your routine, you will achieve great results and impress any guest who comes to your home without too much hassle.

Remember, should you not feel up to doing the task, feel free to hire professional carpet cleaners to do the work instead while you take a well-deserved rest.

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